Facing the media spotlight at the best of times can be a daunting experience. But when media attention is unexpected and unwanted, you may not know where to turn. Amber Melville-Brown is a specialist in reputation management (defamation, privacy and crisis handling) and has an excellent record acting for companies and individuals, steering her clients safely through the choppy waters of dealing with the media.

Amber’s approach

Amber prides herself on providing:

  • common sense, plain speaking advice
  • a personal and highly professional service
  • smooth crisis management resolving media issues before they hit the headlines
  • the means to obtain swift redress where publication/ broadcast has occurred
  • a tailor-made approach to every case, be it negotiation, mediation and/or litigation
  • a full range of flexible billing arrangements
  • 24 hour support and guidance
Amber’s History in media law
Amber Melville-Brown has more than a decade of experience in working at the UK’s top media law firms and has longstanding relationships with newspapers and broadcasters. She runs her consultancy practice from the offices of David Price Solicitors & Advocates on Fleet Street, in the heart of legal London and historically the home of the newspaper world. The firm is run by respected solicitor advocate David Price and is unique in providing a cost-effective in-house advocacy service. Before setting up her media law consultancy she was a partner at media firm Schillings and prior to that was head of defamation at Finers Stephens Innocent. She currently provides media advice to a wide range of mainly claimant claimants but is experienced in working with both claimants and defendants.

Amber’s practice areas
Amber provides defamation, privacy/breach of confidence and crisis management advice and is a media litigator. She advises both pre and post-publication/broadcast and having spent her entire legal career advising clients in the specialist area of media law Amber has worked on both sides of the claimant/defendant divide resulting in a wealth of experience in the media field.

Amber provides assistance whenever there is an interface between a client and the media, including national and local newspapers and magazines, television and radio and the Internet. Her clients include companies across a wide range of sectors, including healthcare, mining, telecommunications and construction, celebrities, professionals, tradesmen, journalists, television presenters, entertainers and private individuals caught up in the media maelstrom. She has also acted for major American publishers and broadcasters, including Bloomberg News, CNN, The New York Times and Time magazine, gaining an invaluable understanding of how both sides operate.

Beyond Private Practice
Amber is an established and respected writer on media law issues. She is the regular media columnist for the Law Gazette, Europe’s largest circulation newspaper for lawyers, a contributor to other Law Society publications, national newspapers and specialist titles and a writer/ presenter for Legal Network Television (see Amber in the Media). Amber is the College of Law’s external examiner for media and author of the College of Law’s Professional Skills Course on media.

Important note
Media law is a choppy sea with the pull of new legislation and case law – both in the UK and in the European Court of Human Rights – unexpectedly changing the tide or whipping up a media law storm. Nothing on this site should be considered to amount to legal advice as there can be no substitute for seeking independent, professional advice on a particular set of circumstances. If you find yourself out of your depth or in un-chartered waters, contact Amber; she may be able to provide you with the life jacket you need safely to navigate the media seas.

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