In the modern world of 24 hour news, media attention can come unexpectedly and the approach may not be limited to the nine-to-five working week. Amber can be contacted at any time to provide urgent practical advice and assistance. Amber regularly works as part of a team with her clients’ in-house lawyers, agents, managers and PR advisers, assisting on an overall communications strategy where appropriate. Amber is an experienced litigator, fighting “extremely hard for her clients” (Chambers and Partners). But given that much of her work involves preventing the disclosure of private information or false allegations, or managing a potentially damaging situation, showy press releases are generally not in her client’s best interests. However, the fact that clients and their teams come back to Amber time and again is testament to their confidence that she will get the job done effectively and with discretion (see What They Say).

Specialist areas
While the media educates, informs and entertains, anyone may be caught in its cross fire while it fulfils its role the eyes and ears of the public, asserting its right to free speech. But free speech is not free; the price can be your or your company’s reputation or the exposure of sensitive, private information. Amber can assist whatever the collateral damage caused or threatened.

Crisis and Media Management
A company’s share price may depend on public confidence; the livelihood of entertainers may depend on how they are depicted in the media; the reputation of a professional can hang on the perception of others; anyone can find their social standing or unblemished business reputation wrongly sullied. Whatever your experience in, with or of the media, it will be potentially traumatic to learn that a damaging story - true or otherwise – may appear in a national newspaper or on radio or television.

!  Amber understands the pressures involved and is able immediately to remove that burden from her clients’ shoulders while she manages the situation. Preventing a potential publication or getting the right message through to the media can never be guaranteed. But by dealing with the matter coolly, carefully and quickly, Amber pulls out all the stops to manage the situation to the best advantage of her client.

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” That’s all very well in the playground, but words do hurt and can be damaging personally, professionally and financially. A company’s reputation and goodwill is its very life-blood and it needs protection for continued commercial viability; an individual’s reputation is one of their most valuable assets and a damaging allegation or invasion of privacy can wreck lives and livelihoods.

!  If you or your company has been the subject of a false and damaging publication or is under threat, it needs protection or remedy as soon as possible. Only a tiny percentage of libel actions end up in a fully-fledged trial and often cases can be settled amicably. But the right approach is vital, and Amber’s experience in, approach to and relationships with the media can pay dividends.

Numerous newspapers, myriad magazines, back-to-back reality TV shows and the Internet mean that our private lives are potentially constantly under threat. The evolving law of privacy is a hot topic around dinner tables and in the courts. The right to respect for private life must be weighed against the right to free speech and Amber is experienced in weighing these rights - evidenced by the broad range of clients that she advises – and she able to provide practical advice in this fast moving area of media law.

!  Where exposure of private information is threatened, seek advice immediately. Once the genie is out of the bottle he may be extremely difficult to re-cork. But you may be able to prevent the disclosure or manage it to reduce the impact, so early action could make all the difference.

Media Relations

The media is not the fire-breathing monster that it is sometimes perceived to be. There may be occasions on which you may wish to talk to the press. Amber has contacts both in the media and with experienced communications strategists and can make an approach for you to get your story heard as well as advising you on the implications of engaging with the media.


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!  If you are contacted by a journalist about a potential publication, don’t panic, don’t ignore the call and contact your advisers – agent, manager, lawyer – for urgent advice.

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