Publications 2009

The Lawyer
9 November 2009 - Tulkinghorn
Net gain
Question: how many senior private practice lawyers also have their own website? Answer: No idea, but Withers of Counsel and libel specialist, Amber Melville-Brown, is one.

The Times
5 November 2009
How libel lawyer's plan of remarkable cunning paid off for Lolita's Publishers
by Alex Wade (quoting Amber Melville-Brown).

City AM
7 October 2009
Speaker's Corner: Myners plan breaches Euro rights.
Treasury Minster Lord Myners recently proposed that companies ought to be forced to publicise senior executives' salaries. The idea has won much publicity, but could it happen?

Law Gazette

25 September 2009
Is Google a publisher or merely a facilitator?
A Google search is the first port of call for many of us when we are searching anything online. Indeed, according to Wikipedia, Google receives several hundred million queries each day.

Wealth Briefing
21 September 2009
Withers starts privacy advisory team
by Tom Burrows.
At a time when high profile individuals - many of them being extremely wealthy - are being catapulted into the public eye, the international law firm Withers has recently set up a specialist team to advise people coping with the media spotlight.

City AM
12 August 2009
Big Brother in the Square Mile raises legal issues
Employers are using new techniques to watch employees, writes Jonathan Ames (quoting Amber Melville-Brown).

Inforrm's Blog
1 June 2009
Opinion: Private lives - part 2

Inforrm's Blog
29 May 2009
Opinion: Private lives - part 1

Law Gazette

14 May 2009
Internet publication and freedom of expression
The long-standing principal of 'publish and be damned' is jealously guarded by the media. But, when it comes to publications on the internet, a recent decision of the European Court of Human Rights shows that those publish there may find themselves being damned forever and a day. (Times Newspapers Limited vs the UK)

Law Gazette

March 2009
Is Max Mosley right on privacy?
The injunction - not necessarily of the super kind, is an essential tool if the right to privacy is to be protected, argues a media lawyer.
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Law Gazette

19 February 2009
Offer of amends
A couple of defamation cases towards the end of last year evidence a clear willingness on the part of the courts to ensure the continued use of the procedure intended to facilitate the relatively quick and cheap settlement of libel actions. (Warren v Random House Group Limited and Tesco Stores Limited v Guardian News & Media Limited).

The Independant
9 February 2009
Why publish and be damned should be the law for everyone?
Mainstream media are disadvantaged when websites flout injunctions on naming in legal cases by Robert Verkaik.

Law Gazette

15 January 2009
Lateral hire; Amber Melville-Brown at Withers
Amber Melville-Brown is now of Counsel at Withers, Amber Melville-Brown was previously a consultant at David Price Solicitors & Advocates ('DPSA').

Law Gazette

8 January 2009
Breaking news
The growth of online content and advent of blogs have forced media lawyers to re-examine the whole realm of defamation. Lucy Trevelyan reports (quoting Amber Melville-Brown).

European Lawyer
Issue 53, January 2009
From bedroom to newsroom

Max Mosley won his privacy action in London, but now he is headed to Europe to try and change the law. Amber Melville-Brown assesses his chances.

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