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Law Gazette

2 December 2010
Injunctions and protecting private information

Adakini Ntuli v Howard Donald - Why shud I continue 2 suffer financially 4 the sake of loyalty when selling my story will sort out my life?

Law Gazette

10 Jun 2010
We have only vague pledges from the government
by Joshua Rosenberg

By rights, I should be analysing parliament's legislative programme this week. Five weeks after a general election, you would expect to be reading about the latest crop of government bills. Except that there aren't really any.

Guardian Online
21 May 2010
Online privacy is a work in progress
From CCT cameras to retained data and DNA - we live in a society under scrutiny.

European Lawyer
Issue 95, April 2010
Private lives
As Max Mosley marches to Strasbourg to ask Europe's Human Rights Court to force the media to give individuals advance warning of salacious stories, Amber Melville-Brown rounds up the current privacy state of play across the continent.

Law Gazette

22 April 2010
British Chiropractic Association vs Singh

While the Northern Hemisphere is paralysed by the seismic shift that has caused the Iceland Volcano, the case of BCA against Dr Simon Singh promises to have an equally seismic effect on the legal landscape of libel in the UK.

Law Gazette

21 January 2010
Protecting informants
From time to time, an anonymous brown paper envelope finds its way mysteriously onto a reporter's desk. That envelope contains leaked confidential documents telling a hell of a good story. The story sees the light of day; the identity of the source of the leak does not.

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