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2 June 2011
Twitter Revelation Sparks Debate About the Law of Privacy in the Age of Social Media
Interview with Jon Robins
A recent injunction application has sparked a debate about the law of privacy in the age of social media. Jon Robins talks to Amber Melville-Brown, media specialist and of counsel at Withers, about why a relatively straight forward application has led to international interest in UK law

The Scotsman

30 May 2011
Shockwaves across blogosphere after tweeter exposed
By Fiona Macloed
Amber Melville-Brown is quoted in The Scotsman in article concerning Twitter.

Sunday Telegraph

29 May 2011
Twitter reveals secrets: Details of British users handed over in landmark case that could help Ryan Giggs
By Richard Gray
Amber Melville-Brown is quoted in the Sunday Telegraph scoop article by Richard Gray, concerning Twitter.
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European Lawyer

May 2011
Head to Head
The former president of world motor racing's regulatory body has failed to force media across Europe to give advance notice when publishing private information. Robin Shaw says the European court judgment is good news for free speech, while Amber Melville-Brown warns that public figures are right to feel uneasy about the ruling.
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Inforrm's Blog
24 May 2011
'Not Spycatcher - Footballerfinder'
Amber Melville-Brown writes concerning the recent controversy over privacy law, injunctions and Twitter.

The Independent

23 May 2011
A legal manoeuvre that backfired spectacularly
By Lewis Smith and
Jonathan Brown.
Amber Melville-Brown is quoted in an article concerning Twitter and privacy injunctions

Mail on Sunday

22 May 2011
TV star is first to face jail over tweets after England footballer claims they breach injunction: Judge reports top journalist to Attorney-General
By Robert Verkaik

The Guardian

20 May 2011 (11.46am)
Butterworth and Bowcott
on Law Blog
Reaction from the legal
world on Lord Neuberger's injunctions report
Amber Melville-Brown comments on the report of Lord Neuberger on so-called 'super injunctions'

Times Online

19 May 2011
Are privacy injunctions really the big bad wolf?
Amber Melville-Brown writes about the report by Lord Neuberger concerning privacy injunctions and proposes that the report clarifies that these injunctions are not the all pervasive evil that they are said to be in some media camps.

Law Gazette

19 May 2011
Blow to Confidence
After the European Court of Human Rights dismissed Max Mosley's contention that UK privacy laws offered him inadequate protection, Amber Melville-Brown considers the judgment from both sides of the media divide
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Inforrm's Blog
11 May 2011
Opinion: 'More lead in the media pencil...'
Amber Melville-Brown comments on the decision in Strasbourg courts on Mr Mosley's application for a pre-notification requirement by publishers

British Journalism Review

16 March2011
Is Max Mosley right on privacy?
The injunction - not necessarily of the super kind - is an essential tool of the right to privacy is to be protected, argues media lawyer Amber Melville-Brown

Law Gazette

10 February 2011
Re-defining the defence of fair comment
Most parents have experienced the plaintive cry of 'it's not fair!' hailed from the mouth's of offspring made to tidy their rooms or deprived of the must-have of the moment.

Charity Insight
5 January 2011
Lessons from RSPCA v Sharpe and Others

After a long complex and potentially court battle, the RSPCA has successfully won its appeal regarding a recent legacy. Paul Hewitt, explains on how this exemplary case can help charities in legacy battles (quoting Amber Melville-Brown).

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