Crisis and Media Management

Whether you are a major corporation the share price of which depends on public confidence, or regularly in the public eye with your livelihood dependent on your good name, or someone who has never been caught in the glare of the media spotlight before, it is potentially traumatic to learn that a damaging story - true or otherwise - may appear in a national newspaper.

Amber understands the potential stress involved in any crisis and is keen to remove that burden from her clients' shoulders immediately. She also has contacts with expert and experienced communications strategists who can be called on to assist with emergencies and long term reputation strategies. Preventing a potential publication or getting the right message through to the media can never be guaranteed. But by dealing with the matter coolly, carefully and quickly, Amber pulls out all the stops to achieve whatever can be done for her clients.

!  You may be blissfully unaware on Friday morning that the afternoon will turn into a nightmare when you receive "that call" from a journalist. Quite simply, don't panic, don't ignore it and call your advisers.
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