“Everyone has the right to respect for his private and family life, his home and his correspondence” - article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights. However, where is that respect where your private life or company's confidential information have been exposed? Privacy is a fast growing area of the law, and like defamation, has to be weighed against the right to free speech. Amber's view is not a blinkered one, evidenced by the broad range of clients that she advises, and her advice is tailored to the specific needs of her clients. Amber also shares her experience and expertise of privacy matters in the public domain and is the author of The Emergence of Privacy as a Claim in the UK: Theory and Guidelines, in the forthcoming Bloomberg Press' 2006 publication International Libel and Privacy Handbook.

!  If you are faced with potential exposure of private information contact your lawyer immediately. It is possible to obtain an injunction to prevent the unauthorised disclosure of private and confidential information, so early action could make all the difference. But once the genie is out of the bottle he may be extremely difficult to get back in. If you are contemplating disclosing any such information about yourself or another, you should also get immediate advice. If you open the door to your own private life, you may not be able to close is when others come knocking. And if you are contemplating providing information that may impact on another, you need advice as to how that might affect you.
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